Adultery / Infidelity

 Do you know.... or are you suspicious that your spouse or significant other is being less than honest to you about there whereabouts, what they are doing, or who they are with when they are not with you?   Black Book Investigations specializes in determining the course of action you need to take, given your particular situation.  They will educate you on signs and what to look for in someone that is lying to or cheating on you. We will then learn their secrets by way of surveillance, infiltration into social media sites, GPS tracking and other high-tech means.  We have the experience and desire to produce favorable results for you that you will need to protect yourself and family, both emotionally and financially.​ 

Child Custody / Walfare

 Years of experience and hundreds of cases later, Black Book Investigations has built a reputation for positive results on child custody cases.  It is so very important to know that the condition of the environment, and the people your estranged spouse is allowing to socialize and interact with your children, are indeed in the best interest of the children. Surveillance, concealed cameras and covert interviews are just a few ways we can develop information and evidence of the poor judgment and / or lack of parental skills possessed by your child or children's other parent or guardian.   This evidence can warrant a courts decision to reverse custody, put limitations on visitation or reduce child support.  But without professionally obtained evidence, it will forever be a battle of "he said / she said" all the while, the children's welfare is being put into jeopardy. 

Social Media / Dating Site Checks

 So, you have met someone online who seems to be the perfect match or is telling you all the things you want to hear.  You have spoken to them on the phone.... so they have to be telling you the truth.  Right? ....... Wrong!   Today, online dating and social networking has become the norm, and with has the number of persons being scammed, hurt, robbed, cheated and lied to.  There are pros out there who seek out victims. Black Book Investigations can perform a  background check on a person's information supplied to you, so at the very least, you confirm they are who they say they are.  Then if the desire to know more is there, we can help with that as well with criminal / financial / private background inquiries. 

​Workers Comp / Insurance Fraud

 A part of our relentless fraud investigation service is to offer a variety of insurance investigation services especially insurance fraud investigation. As an insurance fraud investigator, we can investigate insurance claims for all types of accidents and injuries including auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, and product liability investigations. Additionally, our insurance fraud investigator can also work with life insurance companies to investigate suspicious claims. 

Background Research.

 Whether you are considering hiring a new employee or bringing on a business partner, knowing more about the person, other than what they have told you or included on their resume', is vital.  Black Book Investigations has access to resources that can sometime reveal a criminal past, a sketchy financial history, employee misconduct or an array of questionable activities could affect your decision to hire.
Due diligence in the hiring process can also protect you from law suits brought on by an employees activities,  of which, had you known more about the person, might have helped you avoid the issue altogether. 

GPS Tracking

 The use of the GPS tracking system is an important resource which allows us to gain invaluable information during mobile surveillance when someone can not be effectively followed without risk of being spotted. Though GPS is a valuable tool, it is not a replacement for experience and training. It does provide our investigators with detailed location histories. This history allows an investigator to view the activities that occurred while the GPS unit was in place. It can be used to plan an investigative strategy or to help you keep track of your children, spouse or employee. 

Cell Phone Forensics

 In the information age, every byte of data matters. Cell phones are capable of storing a wealth of personal information, often intentionally, and sometimes unintentionally. This holds true for almost all mobile devices, such as PDAs and most smart phones.l. Cell phone forensic experts specialize in the forensic retrieval of data from cell phones and other mobile devices in a manner that preserves the evidence under forensically acceptable conditions, ensuring that it is court-admissible.   Black Book Investigations can provide this service through a confidential source that has been not only vetted but has proven time and time again the ability to produce unquestionable evidence. 

Attorney Support

 Black Book Investigations has a great deal of experience in these matters of assisting attorneys with the preparation taking a case to trial.  Our investigators can work closely with your legal staff to bring the kind of evidence in that can make your case. 

Accident Scene Investigations

 Black Book Investigations has the great fortune to have an ex accident scene investigator with the local police department available to work these type cases.  It takes a trained eye and years of experience to determine important factors after the fact.  We can assist or take over after the initial law enforcement investigation is complete to determine if anything was overlooked or mishandled.  There is almost always a need for second opinion or a second approach to looking at any given situation. 

Wrongfully Accused Investigations

 Have you been or do you know someone who has been wrongfully accused of a crime or a serious incident that could affect the rest of your's or their life?  It is a harrowing experience when the statements of others can determine the quality of life of someone else...... especially when those accusations are not true or exaggerated.   Black Book Investigations can find the truth behind the lies.  From interviews to surveillance, if there are clues or statements out there that can make the difference between conviction or redemption, we want to help. 

Covert Camera Monitoring

 When it comes to evidence, nothing is more reputable or indisputable than video images.  Covert cameras, when installed professionally and legally can mean the difference between a long and drawn out court case and an easy settlement.  Video does not lie.  We have years and years of experience in the installation of covert cameras and video recorders.  Think of Black Book Investigations before you decide that "there's just no way" to catch them.​ 

Background Research

 One search does not do it all.  With all the web based "background sites" available to people today, we hear it more and more that they did a "" background search and didn't find nothing or found a bunch of information that turned out to be the wrong person.....and still had to pay for it!  At Black Book Investigations, our research is thorough, and never performs a "one size fits all" inquiry.  Or information resources are far and above the web based databases marketed to the general public. And even with that, the information we develop is double checked and confirmed through a second and sometimes a third reliable source.  So when you really need to know the who, what when and where, whether it's for an Employment Background Check, a Pre-Marital / Date Background, locally or nationaly..... We can help.